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According to the FBI, all mass shootings happen within 10 minutes. Over 60% happen within 5 minutes. During an emergency event, every second counts, and information is critical. “What happened?” and “What should I do?” are questions that should never be left unanswered. Until now, methods of communication such information have been unreliable at best.

That’s where ReACT! comes in. At Pro-Lite, Inc., we believe every member of every community deserves equal access to safety. That’s why we developed ReACT!, a Primary Notification System that built specifically to save lives by delivering immediate, actionable, site-specific intelligence during emergency situations. Our goal is to supply an efficient, reliable instructional system for the public, priming every community with emergency preparedness so that when disaster strikes, no one is left behind.

ReACT! Emergency
Notification System

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Our Vision
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