About Us


California based Pro-Lite Inc. introduced LED technology to the U.S. market in 1981, and has since won numerous notable industry design patents. Pro-Lite is recognized as the worldwide leader in LED illuminated signage and electronic scrolling messaging products due to it's technological innovation, continual design advances and high quality manufacturing. Pro-Lite's growth and determination to maintain strong and long lasting customer relationships is supported by high quality and never-ending WOW factor.

Setting the Industry Standard

Design, engineering and manufacturing excellence propelled Pro-Lite to lead the industry in product development and innovation. For example, Pro-Lite brought to market: the 32" indoor red LED sign (1981), the 3 color sign (1984), and the outdoor LED sign (1987).
Pro-Lite continues to advance the worldwide standard for public messaging, information display and advertising technology. Superior engineering capability and 30+ years of experience has resulted in several US and International Patents, with more pending.

Client-Focused Philosophy

Pro-Lite's widespread success is based on matching client needs with the right solution, and exceeding expectations. The company agenda is simple ... to provide every customer the best possible buying experience. Great products backed by exceptional customer service equals peace of mind for every customer. Whether it is a stock item, an OEM display or a custom sign application, Pro-Lite sees each project through to a successful conclusion and supports the sale with generous warranty and service programs.

Our Team

Austin Liao

Austin Liao

Project Manager
Andy Kaoh

Andy Kaoh

Tom Yerke

Tom Yerke

VP of Sales


1981 Established Pro-Lite - Established Advanced Products, later renamed Pro-Lite, Inc. Introduced indoor, red, countertop LED display with wired keyboard. Introduced first 32" indoor red LED sign.

1984 Introduced Bi-Color (Red/Green per pixel) 3-color LED sign

1985 Introduced full matrix multicolor graphic animation sign

1986 Introduced TruColor 16-Color, Multicolored sign and outdoor Ultra-brite LED sign.

1987 Introduced Super bright outdoor Red LED sign.

2000 Introduced first LED Lottery sign and introduced wireless communication technology.

2004 Introduced first wireless Jackpot sign.

2004 Invented neon-look LED sign.

2007 Invented L3D neon-look LED sign.

2012 Awarded Contract for largest US jackpot sign program by the New York Lottery.

2009-2012 Supplied 10,000+ signs in New York Lottery's LED sign program.

2013 Introduced MatTronic™ countertop and floor mat updatable jackpot signs. Introduced Modulex℠a modular, updatable jackpot sign system.