Find answers to frequently asked questions about ReACT!’s features and functionalities.
How fast do the signs show the alert message from the time an alert is activated?

This depends on your local server speed; however, in the majority of cases messages are communicated within 1 second. With an ACT-ONE Controller, activation time is less than 1 second.

How fast does ReACT! lockdown a door?

A lockdown can be preprogrammed to activate as soon as an alert is issued. For example, if there is a shooting, ReACT! can show the alert message and lock the door at the same time.

What happens if there is a power failure?

An on-board backup battery powers the ReACT! in cases of power failures. The backup battery will power the ReACT! for 48 Hours on standby mode and 2 hours on Alert Mode.

Can it be powered by power over ethernet (POE)?

Yes, ReACT! can be powered by POE, making installation fast and easy.

What happens if the ethernet cable is disconnected?

ReACT! can be ordered with Wi-Fi. In the event that the Ethernet cable is disconnected, Wi-Fi will immediately pick up the connection.

Does the ReACT! have output relays?

Yes, there are 2 output relays. One for locking down a door and another that can be used to activate third-party equipment such as a siren or light.

Does the ReACT! have a test mode so that local authorities and/or school officials can perform system testing and drills?

Yes, a test mode is built into the ReACT! for system testing and drills.

Do I need special software to control the Act-One controller and ReACT! signs?

No. The ReACT! server and the alert buttons are built directly onto the ACT-ONE controller, so it is virtually plug and play out of the box.

How much time does it take for the ReACT! to show the alert message when activated through the Act-One controller?

In most cases, it takes less than one second.

Can I integrate ReACT! to my fire alarm system?

Yes, this can easily be done through our API if there is no ACT-ONE controller. If you have an ACT-ONE controller, it’s a lot easier. Simply connect one of the output relays to your fire alarm system.

Can I interface my fire alarm system with the ACT-ONE controller?

Yes, you can connect the fire alarm system to one of the input relays.

Does the ReACT! support serial communication?

Yes, ReACT! provides an RS232 interface port. You can also order the ReACT! with an RS422 interface port.

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