ACT-ONE Controller


Fast and Accurate to Save Lives.

The ReACT! ACT-ONE Controller allows for immediate communication of important information. Skip the confusion of learning to operate new software and send messages with just the push of a button.

The ACT-ONE Controller eliminates wasted time during emergencies by providing a quick and intuitive method of dispatching methods to ReACT! signs. A simple push of a button activates an alert in all signs and triggers a lockdown–all under 2 seconds.

Unique Features

ReACT! Emergency
Notification System

Introduction to ReACT!
ReACT! Display
ACT-ONE Controller
Our Vision
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Instant Activation

Immediate Lockdown

Built-In Web Server

The ACT-ONE controller is designed to remove the obstacles of immediate notification with its built-in, one-push, activation buttons.

Lock all doors and turn off lights as an extra security measure when sending alerts to individual signs.

Setup and control ACT-ONE with remote devices through HTTP by using any standard web browser.

Optional API Integration

Built-In System Testing

Earthquake Alert Integration

Interact with different applications to maximize solutions for safety.

System tests allow for school and public officials to perform maintenance checks and drills.

ACT-ONE can be integrated with wireless earthquake alert systems, receiving predictive signals and providing ample warning for evacuation.

Be prepared for any situation.

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