Outdoor LED Signs


Grab attention and increase sales.

Pro-Lite manufactures LED Outdoor signs for use in different industries such as schools, churches, business stores, military bases, government facilities, and many more. Pro-Lite’s Ultra-Bright LED Outdoor signs range from single line programmable display signs, to large full color full animation and full video outdoor signs and range in different sizes and screen resolutions. Our patented bright LED technology is highly visible and easy to update remotely to communicate your messaging.


The Ad-Media™ is the best advertising media on American
roads. It features Ultra-Bright TriColor LED Clusters that is
clearly visible under direct sunlight, high resolution
(1.22″ Center-To-Center) matrix that lets you display graphics, Simple-Software that can be programmed within 30 minutes,
and WYSIWYG simulation on your monitor before you send
the message to the display.



The Pro-Lite ArizonaSun™ is by far, the brightest LED
outdoor sign that is available. Pro-Lite guarantees the the ArizonaSun™ will be clearly visible under direct sun light even
under the Arizona Sun. In addition, the ArizonaSun™ is the
least expensive sign to operate and maintain. It consumes 19
times less electricity than traditional light bulbs and requires
virtually no maintenance for 10 years!


Countdown Clocks

Pro-Lite, Inc. offers Count Down and Count Up Clocks in
many different sizes and types to fit any counting application.
Some of our previous projects have included indoor and outdoor applications, from 1” to 20’ high!



With Pro-Lite’s advanced video driver, the JumboMedia™
can display video from television, video recorder or digitized
video. At an average of 19 times less power consumption, the JumboMedia™ will pay for itself many times with the electricity
cost that you would have to pay if the sign is made with
incandescent bulbs. Because the normal life expectancy of LEDs
is 10 years, the JumboMedia™ is virtually maintenance free.


Lane Indicators

Pro-Lite Lane Indicators were designed to direct traffic from
a remote location. It features ultra-bright LED and built in
PC interface.


Marquee-Lite Plus

The Marquee-Lite PLUS is a feature rich Ultra-Bright Multi-color Outdoor LED Display sign that was designed with state of the art LED Technology and able to be easily retrofitted into an existing changeable copy sign as well as new sign constructions. It can
display 1 or 2 lines of text and can display multiple graphics, animations, and effects. The Marquee-Lite PLUS is simple to
install, easy to program, and most of all, reliable.