Our Vision

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Our Mission

ReACT!’s objective is to make the United States and our global neighbors ready for any disasters that could take place. Through the use of ReACT! Technology, we can and will save lives. We may not be able to prevent a mass shooting or a massive earthquake from happening, but without a doubt, the Primary Emergency Notification System, ReACT!, can definitely save lives by delivering timely, actionable, site-specific intelligence. Our goal is to supply an Emergency Mass Public Life-Saving Alert and Instructional System so when an emergency event occurs, everyone knows what has happened, and what to do at that location during the event.

Our Story

The FBI has stated that all mass shootings happened within 10 minutes and over 60% happened in 5 minutes. Therefore, the most important things that one should know from an authority source, during the emergency event are, “What Happened?” and “What do I do next?”. To save lives, this is the reason why we invented the ReACT!. Since ReACT! is a Primary Notification System that can alert victims within “seconds, not in minutes”, ReACT! is critical to the survival of our communities in schools, businesses, hospitals, and all other entities. Schools that have experienced mass shootings understand the importance of ReACT!

Our Mission

Our objective is to prepare ourselves in every situation to react without confusion or panic, and be rational about our actions during a mass emergency notification alert. America is a beautiful country. We want to ensure that everyone is prepared to enjoy their lives and we want to keep America Safe.

Next Steps

We would like you to see ReACT! in action. Our 24/7 hot line is available to answer any questions you may have.

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ReACT! Triple Notification System Features and Use Cases