Ultra Bright

16 available models to choose from!

Colors: Blue, Red, Pink, and Purple or Red, Green, Amber, and Lime
Available character lengths: based on font selection
Model numbers: See Specifications and Details

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The BANNER-LITE™ is the new and exciting way to Advertise, Invite, and Distribute general information to audiences in any environment. The colors are absolutely brilliant and the effects are second to none. Onlookers or passersby will not miss your attractive and bright message!


• Sales
• Specials
• New Products
• Existing Products
• Services
• Free Offers
• Customers
• Guests
• Clients
• Audience
• Students
• Public
• Upcoming Events
• Holiday greetings
• Business hours
• Personal Messages
• Time and Date
• Critical Announcements

Warning This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Product Features

  • Ultra-bright LEDs for High Visibility
  • 9 Brightness settings
  • Message Scheduling
  • Password Protection
  • Auto Time/Date
  • Display text horizontally or vertically
  • 345 pre-programmed animated graphics
  • 38 character functions
  • 32 different character effects
  • English, Japanese, and Korean characters

Product Specifications

See model table for details.
  • Power Input: AC 120/220V 50/60HZ
  • LED Brightness: 3000mcd

Subject to change without notice.

Package Items

  • 1 Banner-Lite™ programmable LED Display
  • 1 Wireless Infrared Remote Keyboard
  • 1 User’s Manual
  • 1 set of mounting hardware


ModelColorsNo. Of LinesDisplay HeightDisplay WidthDisplay DepthViewing Distance
BL2025RGRed, Green, Amber, Lime1 or 210.75″41.5″2.75″400 ft
BL2025RBRed, Blue, Purple, Pink1 or 210.75″41.5″2.75″400 ft
BL2425RGRed, Green, Amber, Lime1 or 212.25″49.5″2.75″500 ft
BL2425RBRed, Blue, Purple, Pink1 or 212.25″49.5″2.75″500 ft
BL2825RGRed, Green, Amber, Lime1 or 214″57.25″2.75″600 ft
BL2825RBRed, Blue, Purple, Pink1 or 214″57.25″2.75″600 ft
BL3225RGRed, Green, Amber, Lime1 or 215.5″65″2″650 ft
BL3225RBRed, Blue, Purple, Pink1 or 215.5″65″2″650 ft

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