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Ad-Media Text/Graphics/Animation

The Ad-Media™ is the best advertising media on American roads. It features Ultra-Bright TriColor LED Clusters that is clearly visible under direct sunlight, high resolution (1.22" Center-To-Center) matrix that lets you display graphics, Simple-Software that can be programmed within 30 minutes, and WYSIWYG simulation on your monitor before you send the message to the display.

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ArizonaSun Single-Line - RED

The Pro-Lite ArizonaSun™ is by far, the brightest LED outdoor sign that is available. Pro-Lite guarantees the the ArizonaSun™ will be clearly visible under direct sun light even under the Arizona Sun. In addition, the ArizonaSun™ is the least expensive sign to operate and maintain. It consumes 19 times less electricity than traditional light bulbs and requires virtually no maintenance for 10 years!

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Countdown Clocks Reliable to the Second

Because Pro-Lite is a manufacturer, we have the ability to produce both Count Down and Count Up Clocks in many different sizes and types to fit any Counting application. Some of our previous projects have included Indoor and outdoor applications, from 1” to 20’ high!

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Gas Pricers Superior Engineering

Own a gas station? Is time being lost changing plastic price pieces on your current sign? Than we'd like to introduce you to DIGI-BRITE™! Change prices instantly and wirelessly! With these ever changing gas prices, more and more stations are changing their current signs to DIGI-BRITE™ systems. No more updating plastic price changer pieces. Easily update the gas pricer with wireless technology.

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InfoCenterII Multi-Line

The InfoCenterII™ was designed as an exterior, short distance Point Of Entry electronic message information system. They are installed at the entrance of a building or complex to communicate to the entering visitors. Equipped with 3" Ultrabright LED, your message can be clearly visible from up to 150 feet away. And with 4 lines and 24 characters per line, all your current and future events can be displayed at a time.

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Jumbo-Media Text/Gfx/Animation/Video

With Pro-Lite's advanced video driver, the JumboMedia™ can display video from television, video recorder or digitized video. At an average of 19 times less power consumption, the JumboMedia™ will pay for itself many times with the electricity cost that you would have to pay if the sign is made with incandescent bulbs. Because the normal life expectancy of LEDs is 10 years, the JumboMedia™ is virtually maintenance free.

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Lane Indicators Bright and Clear Directions

Pro-Lite Lane Indicators were designed to direct traffic from a remote location. It features ultra-bright LED and built in PC interface.

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Marquee-Lite Plus

The Marquee-Lite PLUS is a feature rich Ultra-Bright Multi-color Outdoor LED Display sign that was designed with state of the art LED Technology and able to be easily retrofitted into an existing changeable copy sign as well as new sign constructions. It can display 1 or 2 lines of text and can display multiple graphics, animations, and effects. The Marquee-Lite PLUS is simple to install, easy to program, and most of all, reliable. It is also ultra-bright, lightweight, durable, and is UL listed. With is ergonomic and efficient design as well as its advanced LED technology and components, along with loaded graphics, animations and features, and robust but easy to display and programming capabilities, the Marquee-Lite PLUS is the best Value Outdoor LED sign in its class!

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Established in 1981, California based Pro-Lite produces and delivers quality, innovative products to millions worldwide, and steadily maintains its reputation as the foremost electronic display manufacturer and supplier in the industry.

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